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Solution To Pollution is...

The mythical Ag. Engineer Hercules devised the solution to pollution some 4000 years ago, Read More ....


Nutrient Removal

Engineering data on N, P, K removal with manure treatment to make solids and liquids usable Read More ....


Waste Management Pathway

Renewable Energy from Biomass 


We have been providing environmental advisory services since 1963 to the livestock
industry and animal producers in
North America - Asia - Europe - Latin America.

Resource Recovery from animal Waste


The chart below show the extensive research carried out over a period of several years on the extraction of cellular proteins from the organic component of pig wastes, the recovery of biogas energy, and the recycle of the separated water for flushing the wastes out of the pig barns.












Some of the unique features of these projects were the unique designs of the facilities used. The biogas digester was heated by capturing the solar heat with solar panels. The barns were specially designed to accommodate the flushing of the wastes in channels underneath slotted floors. The photosynthesis of the algae were carried out in specially designed high rate algae ponds. The harvesting and dehydration of the algae before feeding to chickens were with special designed machinery fabricated to our specifications.

The high rate algae ponds, the digester, and other facilities are shown in the aerial photo below. The results of these projects were reported in technical reports, in a book, and also in a documentary video.

Our MISSION is to help livestock producers assess the costs of practical potential systems of handling the wastes from their animal units  with maximum recycle and minimum public nuisance.