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Bio-Gas Engineering Farms has been providing environmental advisory services since 1963 to the livestock
industry and animal producers in
North America - Asia - Europe - Latin America.

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Taiganides, Ελισσαίος  Paul  PE, PhD eptai@aol.com


1953 -1957   University of Maine BS Agricultural Engineering  [soil &water conservation; hydraulics]

1957 -1960   Iowa State University  MS  Soil & Water Engineering  [irrigation; drainage; hydrology]

1961‑1963 Iowa State University PhD [Civil Eng] Bio-Environmental Engineering [biogas, wastewater treatment]


1957‑1965    Research Associate to Assistant Professor, Iowa State University [www.iastate.edu], Ames, Iowa [design, construction and testing of a system of hydraulic flushing, lagoon and oxidation ditch treatment and recycle for pig farm; biogas production from digestion of wastes; teaching courses in soil and water conservation engineering; research on stream hydrology]

1972- 1975   Chief engineering consultant on livestock wastes, World Health Organization [www.who.org, WHO Europe, Copenhagen] United Nations: panel on urban solids wastes; organized seminar on animal wastes, Bratislava Slovakia in 1975, BOOK: “ANIMAL WASTES” 429 p

1965-1975     Associate Prof. to Professor, Colleges of Engineering & of Agriculture, Ohio State University, [www.osu.edu]   [engineering adviser to commission  on Ohio EPA formulation; teaching/research in soil and water conservation engineering; initiated  multidisciplinary courses, programs and research on solid  wastes management at the urban-rural interface, organized international symposia, eco tours to Europe, design/ construction/ evaluation of waste treatment plants].

1975‑1985  Chief Technical Adviser/Chief Engineer, the FAO /UN [www.fao.org/ www.ava.gov.sg], Singapore   [design housing integrated with waste collection and treatment for intensive concentrated pig farming areas [PFA] at the rural urban interface. Carried out  research on odors from pig rearing, on single cell proteins, on algae, on biogas, on sludge harvesting.; Supervised the design, construction, monitoring and evaluation of a full-scale  demonstration research treatment plant for 35000 pigs]; Book: “PIG WASTE MANAGEMENT AND RECYCLING”.  428 p

1985‑1988 Chief Technical Adviser/Project Manager, Food and Agriculture Organization [www.fao.org/, www.jph.gov.my] of the United Nations, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  [environmental legislation, associated rules and regulations, plus engineering specifications for pig production farms with integrated pollution control, biosecurity, etc]; Book:: “PIG FARMING IN MALAYSIA WITH POLLUTION CONTROL 200 p

2001-  Chief engineering adviser to the government of Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia, [www.chemsain.com], on waste control from pig farms and on the design of wastewater treatment systems. As part of this assignment, I developed a computer program to calculate a suitability index for sites that will be assessed as potential sites for intensive pig farming in terms of environmental issues, nuisance potential, bio-security, and other relevant factors.  Liaised with government officials including ministers on the feasibilities of pig farming and the costs involved for practical alternatives

2000-   Chief engineering adviser to the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority, [www.ava.gov.sg], of the government of Singapore on the control of odors from poultry farms applying exhaust air scrubbing, odor dispersion modeling; poultry waste treatment in central plants to meet export standards.

1991-   Chief general adviser to FAN Separator of Germany, [www.fan-separator.de], a solids-liquid separation pollution control equipment manufacturer, on the world wide marketing of the equipment in large dairy farms, paper mills, food processing plants, abattoirs; designed their first webpage, wrote operator manuals, designed and carried out training courses for company representatives; traveled extensively in Latin America, North America, Asia.

2000-   Chief engineering adviser to SEKE of Greece and the Balkans,  [www.seke.gr], on waste management on livestock farms, olive oil press plants, fruit processing, and on biogas plants for livestock farms.

1991-  Chief engineering adviser to Bertam Development, a company in Malaysia, [bertamdev@pd.jarring.my], on engineering design of pig farming areas in Negri Sembilan, Penang, and other states on pig waste collection and treatment to meet effluent standards. I liaised with government officials to have the company acquire private land for the pig farming area, and afterwards I liaised with a design engineering firm they hired to do the detail design. I gave the firm the overall concept design for the individual farms and the entire area. I am currently developing “post-Nipah virus” bio-security guidelines for a pig farming area.

1993-    Chief engineering adviser to the pig council of Mexico [www.cmp.org] on pollution control and waste management for commercial pig farms in Mexico. As part of this project, I developed a computer program, PigMex, that calculates automatically, with minimal inputs, the costs of pig waste management alternatives; Book: “MANUAL PARA EL MANEJO Y CONTROL DE AGUAS RESIDUALES Y EXCRETAS PORCINAS”, 1996; 141 pages; I continue to consult with Mexico to upgrade the PigMex program.

1970-   Chief engineering adviser to Foxley Companies on beef cattle feedlot wastes, abattoirs, meat processing plants, wetlands ecology, mapping of groundwater pollution, wetland habitat modeling. I liaised with federal EPA and state agencies to which I reported the monitoring of ecology and water quality data for 10 years to prove the re-establishment and rehabilitation of damaged wetlands. I developed guidelines and a handbook for the management of the wastes from a feedlot of 75 000 beef cattle to provide nutrients for 20 000 acres of irrigated farmland.

1963- Consultant / Lecturer: USAMoorman Feeds pig waste research facilities; Flavorland Corporation [slaughter plants, meat processing, hide processing, beef feedlots]; Nu-Tek Foods Inc. [cheese manufacture].;  Behlen Steel Co.  INTERNATIONAL:   NATO – grants for lectures and study tours in Europe. Lectured on environment themes at conventions, seminars, etc. in over 30 countries [in English and in Spanish] and in most USA states. WHO/UN- World Health Organization [solid wastes; Europe: Denmark, Poland, and Czechoslovakia]. EPA- US Environment Protection Agency (Poland; USA). IDRC- International Development Research Centre of Canada (China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia], US PHS- Public Health Service [solid wastes research grants review]; FAO/UN- Food and Agriculture Organization (waste recycle, resource recovery: Rome; Mexico, Romania, Bulgaria, China, Burma [Myanmar], Thailand); Ford Foundation – India.  Private consulting: Hong Kong, Colombia, Mexico, Canada, Germany, France, Greece, etc.


Our MISSION is to help livestock producers assess the costs of practical potential systems of handling the wastes from their animal units  with maximum recycle and minimum public nuisance.