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Renewable Energy from Biomass 


We have been providing environmental advisory services since 1963 to the livestock
ndustry and animal producers in
North America - Asia - Europe - Latin America.

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With the price of petroleum increasing as demand escalates and supplies dwindle, and laws and regulations for the protection of the environment and the mitigation of the drastic climate changes brought on by the industrial age multiply exponentially, alternative energy sources that can be sustained without diminishing our world resources are gaining acceptance socially and also politically. Converting livestock waste to biogas energy meets the challenge of sustainable agriculture.

We were the first to

·         experiment with the engineering of biogas production from pig wastes, back in 1963 in Iowa, when the term  
pollution had not yet become the topic of neither social conversation nor of political action;

·         design, construct, back in 1970 in Ohio, monitor the operation of an automated biological treatment plant  
that aerated the wastewater from a pig farm in Ohio, and returned the treated water to the barns to flush out  
the wastes;

·         build and monitor a mechanically agitated digester for the fermentation of pig wastes and the generation of
      electricity of biogas, back in 1984 in Singapore;

·         develop from over 50 years of professional experience computer programs such as  PigShud.exe,   
, PoultryShud.exe, CattleShud.exe;

·         analyze every kind of farm and synthesize potential methods of handling and managing the farm wastes in  
terms of the cost of such alternatives and also in terms of their environmental impact;

·         identify the chemistry of malodors from pig wastes and develop schemes to prevent fatal accidents from  
mishandling of noxious gases in livestock farms.

We specialize in:

·         The design and costing of facilities for the production of renewable energy in the from of:

o       electrical power to meet the electrical needs of the farm;

o       thermal energy for space heating;

o        flare the biogas to receive carbon credit under the provisions of the United Nations Kyoto Protocol on climate  

·         The design of facilities and systems for biological wastes with solids separation for:

o        the recycling of treated and clarified liquids for flushing to remove wastes from barns;

o       the reuse of solids for bedding in dairy units and for soil amendments in pig farms

Our lead expert is an environmental engineer who  

·         served in academia for 20 years as professor specializing in livestock waste management in 2 of the best  
universities in the United States of America,

·         has written books in English and Spanish on the management of solid and liquid wastes,   

·        supervised the design, construction, and operation of full-scale livestock waste treatment plants that included
      the production and utilization of biogas for electrical energy,

·          served as chief technical adviser in the management of wastes in Europe, Asia, and North and Latin  
America at the behest of international agencies such as the United Nations, Environmental Protection  
Agency of the United States, national and regional governments, international enterprises, institutes, and  

·         Served for 10 years as general environmental adviser, marketing consultant, and developer of training
       programs for the engineers of a German company that manufactures and sells waste handling equipment.

For a professional fee, we will analyze your farm to answer questions such as:

·         How much would it cost to install a biogas plant on my farm?

·          Would it be worth it financially and environmentally to have aØ biogas plant?

·         What are the best processes and equipment to use for the  management of wastes to minimize malodors
       and meet environmental standards?

·          Could I receive subsidies or other assistance for such installations?

We offer specialized engineering services such as:

·          an analysis of your farm and a custom-designed project for it;

·          development of the essential design criteria and engineering parameters needed for the design of a biogas,

·          treatment plant for your farm; 

·         estimated costs for the installation of a biogas plant for the production of electricity and or thermal power, or
       to flare for carbon credit;

·         associated biological and physical processes to meet your specific goals;

·         assistance in the selection of an internationally credited company for the construction of the recommended
      facilities with the provision of paying for the facilities through the carbon credit provisions of the UN Kyoto





Name of owner or Manager  ________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________

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§  Milking Cows, Number now_________   final _________

§     System of Housing 

·         Free Stalls,   Number  _________

·         Tethered Cows,  Number of stalls  _________

§     Method of handling wastes

·        Scrape every  _________ hours or times per day_______

·         Flushing   Volume of water used   _________ m³ per day

·         Use of bedding straw _________ m³ or tons  _______ per month

§    Volume of water used in the milking parlor   ___________  m³ per day

§     Number of dry cows or other animals that send wastes to the collection pit  _____________

§    Capacity of collection pit   __________ m³


§     Number of beef cattle  _______  Average live weight ________ kg/head

§        Method of handling the wastes

·         Scrape with a chain scraper every  __________________ hours

·         Flushing, volume of water used   ________________ m³ per day



§     Sows   current number   ____________________  finally  ____________

§     Final weight of sold porkers  ______ kg/head  No. sold ______ per year

§       Method of handling the wastes   ______________

·         Volume of waste and or wastewaters  ____________ m³ per day

·         Volume of water used   _____________________ m³ per day

·         Days of storage of excreta in the collection pits ______________

·         Method of collection   ________________________________

·         Capacity of the central collection pit  _________________ m³

·         Storage away from the housing units ________ __________    



§  Weight of pigs coming in  ____________ kg/head; Number   _______ every_______ days

§  Weight of pigs sold   ________ kg/head; Number __________ per year

Ø           POULTRY

o            Broilers    Number  ______________ per year  __________ kg per year

Egg Layer Farm    _____________ Number


State the nature and numbers    ___________________________________


Our MISSION is to help livestock producers assess the costs of practical potential systems of handling the wastes from their animal units  with maximum recycle and minimum public nuisance.