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Solution To Pollution is...

The mythical Ag. Engineer Hercules devised the solution to pollution some 4000 years ago, Read More ....


Nutrient Removal

Engineering data on N, P, K removal with manure treatment to make solids and liquids usable Read More ....


Waste Management Pathway

Renewable Energy from Biomass 


We have been providing environmental advisory services since 1963 to the livestock
industry and animal producers in
North America - Asia - Europe - Latin America.

EPT Bio-Gas Engineering Farms


EPT Bio-Gas Engineering International has been providing services to the livestock industry and animal producer in North America, Asia, Europe, and Latin America since 1963.

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Our Unique Engineering experience includes:

·   Design, construction, operation, and scientific evaluation of livestock wastewater treatment facilities,

·   Biogas energy recovery with fully mixed digesters and or covered lagoons,

·   Environmental impact assessments of production units, enactment of laws, rules and regulations specific to
     the animal production industry,

·   Wetland ecology associated with livestock farming, including  the restoration of damaged wetlands,

·   Mitigation of superfund farm sites,

·   Marketing of equipment for the handling of animal wastes,

·   Reuse of separated solids for bedding in dairy farms,

·   Windrow and mechanical composting of solid wastes,

·   Odor identification and mitigation from livestock complexes

·   Engineering textbooks and technical reports on animal waste management.

In view of the plethora of promotions to convert animal wastes into energy and financial assistance offered under the provisions of the United Nations Kyoto Protocol [ http://unfccc.int/kyoto_protocol/items/2830.php ], the Methane-to-Market [www.methanetomarkets.org] programs, and other governmental agencies [ http://www.epa.gov/agstar/], we provide, on a world-wide basis, independent assessment of potential waste treatment systems including the recovery of useful resources from animal wastes, such as energy, fertilizer and biological cellular nutrients, treated water for recycling and re-use.

Our computerized programs [PigShud - CowShud - PoultryShud] analyze instantly your livestock farm on the basis of few input parameters and synthesize several options for the treatment and disposal of the wastes with the associated costs and benefits.

If you are interested in getting an analysis of your farm and the potential of biogas energy generation and utilization, please fill the inquiry form or email us:info@biogasfarms.com  We accept inquiries in English, Spanish, Greek.

Our MISSION is to help livestock producers assess the costs of practical potential systems of handling the wastes from their animal units  with maximum recycle and minimum public nuisance.